DMC vs 1Unit 06-16-2005
Comment We had a nice match vs 1Unit tonight. We started with one man less on the first Meath Grinder, but luckely this position was quickly filled in. Eventhough they controlled the zone better than us, but we kept control over the PSP most of the time on the Meath Grinder maps, which gave us the oppertunity to clear them relatively easy. So both maps were decided in the final seconds. The first map went to 1Unit, but we took the second with a very good final attack. On the House of Pain maps 1Unit clearly was the more experienced team. Eventhough our medtrains with one gunner sometimes were quite succesfull, 1Unit most times managed to keep just one person in the zone untill reinforcements arrrived again. Therefore both HoP maps were clocked by 1Unit, so we lost with 1-3.
The map scores were: 0-24,24-3,0-600,0-600!

GG 1Unit!
Website 1Unit
Players Ice, Oely, Sandspider, WaNNaKill, Shellfire, Chinsan, L.O.D-2 & Westside
Outcome 1-3 Loss