DMC vs 3n 06-02-2006
Comment We had a friendly TDM match againts 3n tonight. DMC has always specialised itself in TKOTH, but for once we decided to give it go in a TDM-match against 3n to see how we would handle ourselfs against a strong opponent that's specialised in TDM.

On the first Desertfox map it came immediatly clear that we had to change our way of playing completely to even get near the win of a map. We lost the first map with big numbers (we hardly got a kill ratio of 1:2).
On the next map we changed our tactics a lot, which kept us a lot closer to 3n, but nevertheless we were always trailing during the map. At the end we lost with 108-125.
On the next two maps to story was pretty much the same. Eventhough we didn't lose with big numbers, 3n was simply a little bit 'out of our league' on TDM for us at this moment.

GG 3n, cya around
Website DFH
Players KillerBeing, Chinshan, Sandspider, Westside, Alcholic, Ludwig, Ajuin & Riddick
Outcome 0-4 Loss