DMC vs 7cie 10-06-2005

We had a tough match vs 7cie in the DFH league today. It was our first match in this league and we didn't know what to expect. Especially new was the 10 second spawn change which proved to a bit of a bitch for us.

We started on the Eye of the Dead A, and we were quick to take both psp's, but their heavy nading made it nearly impossible for us to hold our position. So we made some changes in our game and we were soon on the way of winning this roun. Even though we had some problems with 7cie it still was a good victory for DMC.
On the Eye of the dead B they managed ot clear us more frequently and we couldn't clock it like before, the point was that this time the psp's weren't that easy for us to control, and they focused more and more on the roofs, which was bad news for us. But at the end of the map we were installed in the zone, and we didn't get cleared.
Now the crap part started, we had to play Tunnel Trouble, which is a very unknown map for all DMC members, we did practice it for about an hour, but this proved useless. They were quick to take their positions in all 3 levels of the zone in this map, and we could only clear on or 2 levels, but never 3. This meant we lost this map without even making 7cie sweat.
More of the same, we concluded we have to train a lot more on this map, in case we meet more opponents who wish to play this map.

A gg 7cie! We'll cya during our next DFH match.

Website 7cie
Players Oely, Apache, Achilles, Westside, Ice, Achilles, Sandspider & KillerBeing/Ajuin
Outcome 2-2 draw