DMC vs 7cie 10-27-2005
Comment We lost our match vs 7cie. As it was a competition match it means we'll have to win our next match vs HUN, and 7cie has to loose or draw in their next match. We are going to do our best to win ours, at least then we have done everything we could.

We won only 1 round of our maps EOTD, and this meant we were gonna have to have a shit load of luck to win 1 round of Tunnel Trouble. As you can guess we didn't have a shit load of luck and lost bothe maps.

GG 7cie! We wish you bad luck in your next match :P

Just joking offcourse ;) But if you don't feel like playing that last match, just forfit it, I mean we've all been there, seriously we understand... :P
Website 7cie
Players Achilles, Westside, Ajuin, Ghostkiller (chinshan), KillerBeing, Oely, Alcholik & Ice
Outcome 1-3 Loss