DMC vs @NL 01-24-2006

As if it were tradition, we lost our first match in a new competition. We played against @NL in the Kampfzone league, and it was a pretty weird match. A different set of rules, good tactics from @NL and booze is what made us loose this match basically.

The friendly fire was new to us aswell as the 0 second respawn time. @NL was obviously more experienced with that and used it. It was impossible for us to pin @NL down in their spawn, and they managed to break out every single time we had both psps on EOTD. It was highly annoying as we were really pwning them, we just couldn't controle them. And every single map, they managed to make some kind of move or tactical line up to clear us and take the zone. We couldn't find an answer to this allthough the match, we were better individually but they were way better as a team. As the ss's will show we had little problems killing them.

GG @NL, and we'll cya in the re-match.

Website @NL
Players Alcholik, Chinshan, Ajuin, KillerBeing, Ice & Westside
Outcome 0-4 Loss