DMC vs ADF 13-07-2005
Comment We had an exiting match vs ADF today. We had to fight at our very best to be the stronger team tonight. On both Meath Grinder maps we took the advantage by contolling the PSP and zone better than ADF and so we managed to take a comfortable 2-0 lead. On the 1st House of Pain map we had troubles to get control over the map, because they took stronger defend positions. So, on their second attempt they clocked us comfortably. The other side of HoP, which always is our better side, we made some quick position changes which worked out much better. This way we clocked the last map on our first attempt. Eventhough we had some differences about left leaning/glitching half way the match, the match was exiting and great fun.
The map scores were: 600-0,274-23,0-600,600-1!

GG ADF and thanks for the match.
Website TDE
Players Zodiac, My Anus, Westside, KB11, KB12, Ajuin, Blackfox & Ludwig
Outcome 3-1 WIN!