DMC vs British Armed Force 11-20-2005

Tonight we would finally have our first match in the medic only league of uP. Our first opponent were the British Armed Forces or BAF.

In the warm up round we were better in the shooting department, but still we knew we couldn't underestamete them. We knew med-trains and other annoying tactics would come to play in this medic only match. Our main weakness and fear was our lack of shooting headshots, and throughout the match we noticed that when we gave em a chance to med eachother they would swiftly clear us and break through. Meat Grinder A was very close, we had the psp advantage and took full advantage of it. Our speed as medics helped us in quickly taking rape positions. But they managed to out-manouver us and rear us all the time. Only at the end of this map we managed to control them and hold the zone.
On Meat Grinder B we knew what we had to do to keep them under control, just take the psp and keep pressure on their spawn. Even though this proved effective for a while, they managed to slip through our defences and into the spawn, clearing us often enough to make us sweat till the last minute. In the end we had the upperhand in defence and they couldn't clear us out of the zone quick enough giving us another win.
When the Eye of the Dead started we weren't sure what to expect. We needed some time to adapt to the new set of scenery. Now we could only try and develop the right medicine to their offensive tactics. We were better at taking and controlling both psp's, but with the med trains they often got into the zone and managed to clear us out, time after time. So this map was decided in the final moment aswell, we managed to keep the zone by making full use of the .50 cal guns in the zone.
In the final map we just took the zone and 5 of us tried to stay in it. This seemd to work great and we managed to clock it. Even though we know BAF probably wasn't as motivated anymore, and made one last effort to take at least one round but without succes.

GG BAF, thanks for a great match! We wish you good luck in the future of the competition :)

Website BAF
Players Ajuin, Westside, Chinshan, Ice, SandSpider & KillerBeing/Alcholik
Outcome 4-0 WIN!