DMC vs Black Squad 02-02-2006

Tonight we had a tough match versus Black Squad. They were pretty organised and excellent shooters. We were in for a reall fight.

We started out on the Meat Grinder maps, and we were determined to win these rounds as those were the maps we had selected for this friendly. The psp was nearest to our spawn on this map, and even though they tried to take it we managed to defend it quite well, and when we lost it we were able to get it back quite quickly. This meant we were in the zone pretty quickly, we did however had a lot of problems to keep them out of the zone and set up a good defence. This meant they could storm the zone at any time. In the final minutes we had to play with only 5 players, as 1 was experiencing some pc problems. We took the map however by an all out attempt in the final minute.
On MG B we had to try and take their psp, the moment we had the psp we also controlled the map. They managed to get our around our defences when nescessary however and this meant they cleared us from time to time. This map would be decided in the final minute aswell, and this time they had the psp and they could storm the zone quite easily. We had 3 men in the zone in the final minute but they kicked us out in the last 10 seconds.
We thought we had lost the match for sure as we had to play the remaining House of Pain maps without any tactics or strategy. However we managed to shoot them away from the zone when nescessary, and even though they came close to clocking the map on both sides we did get them out in time and take the map. On both maps we could take the zone in the final minutes and hold them back by setting up a good defence, we were pretty flabbergasted by the end result. We won and it felt reall good after the bad streak we were having.

GG BS, and thanks for the match.

Website BS
Players Riddick, Westside, KillerBeing, Ice, Ajuin & Chinshan/LuDwIg
Outcome 3-1 WIN!