DMC vs Born To Kill 06-26-2005
Comment We had a fine match vs BTK today. They were pretty strong in the med trains, so we had some difficulty to adjust our game to their strategy. The first map was very close, and both teams had good chances to claim victory. However in the closing moments we persevered, and won the first map. The second and third map were much easier, mainly because we took their psp and they had difficulty to claim it back. This made it easy for us to defend the zone and we clocked these maps. On the 4th map they decided to leave, probably because they were getting owned. The map scores were: 5-2,600-0,600-0,600-0!
Website BTK
Players Oely, KB99, Ajuin, Ice, Westside, KB12, Ludwig & L.O.D.
Outcome 4-0 WIN!