DMC vs Corps Commandos 10-07-2005
Comment We had a rematch vs Corps Commandos tonight, we were anxious to try and settle the score and make up for our previous loss against these guys. At the start CC had some problems and isntead of a 8v8 we agreed to a 6v6 as it was a friendly match we went along with it.

The Eye of the Dead A was pretty tough, they had good shooters and were having some problems controlling them. But as soon as we figured out how they worked we soon found an answer. We got a reasonable control over both psp's and forced them to try and go around us, which meant our zone defence was optimal and we had little problems protecting it. But somehow we couldn't stay focused and they managed to clear us every now and then preventing us from clocking the map. But in the end we had the zone and took the map.
They Eye of the Dead B was a bit harder for us because we couldn't take their psp all that much. This meant we had to concentrate on defending the zone in a different way. We managed to keep them at bay and claim the map.
The House of Pain maps were pretty exiting, as we are now getting more and more experienced on this map we were confident in our own capibilities. This proved to be true as we managed to kick them out, park our asses in the zone, defend the front and the back and clocking the map.
The House of Pain B started out basically the same, only this time they kicked us out. For a while we had problems getting them out, but after a succesfull full frontal attack they got cleared and we took the zone. After that it was a matter of setting up the defence and claiming the map.

GG CC, thansk for the rematch :) Cya out there!

Website CC
Players Oely, Westside, Alcholik, Ajuin, L.O.D. & Ice
Outcome 4-0 Win!