DMC vs Corps Commandos 05-21-2005
Comment We had a nice battle vs CC today. We started out with only 7 players so we had to fight them 7v8. They had some good tactics and the first map they were a lot better. We found ourselfs running around with no plan at all, so they got the zone pretty fast and we weren't able to get it back, even though we managed to clear them once when the timer was at 9:00 for them, it wasn't enough to turn the tide and they clocked the first map in the second attempt. On the B map it was going a little better, but they still fought hard, and because we were one player down we couldn't control the psp's properly. We got the timer up to 8:00 once, but that was it basically. They took the zone after that and clocked it aswell. On the EOTD we lost another play, but the great sportsman attitude of CC made them decide to make it a 6v6 match and 2 of theirs left. Now our chance were a lot better and we managed to clock the first map. We went for a 2-2 draw on the 4th map, but in the final moments of the last round they controlled the zone, and we couldn't find the last one in time to clear them, so they won the math 3-1. The map scores were: 9-600,95-600,600-8,7-158!
Players N/A
Outcome 1-3 Loss
Screens N/A