DMC vs Crush The Weak 10-13-2005

We had a tough match vs Crush The Weak tonight. They were pretty organised, and even though they weren't the best shooters we ever met they did had some excellent tactics to drive us mad. Especially their medtrains were very effective.

On Eye of the Dead A we were confident to Crush Crush The Weak :P But they were quick to show that they weren't going to let us win. And we even had a lot of problems if we had both psp's. Their tactics were very effective, besides that they were flexible and able to adapt to our gameplay quickly. The first map was pretty good and in the end we had the zone and took the first round.
On Eye of the Dead B it got a lot harder, we couldn't get both PSP's as easy anymore, and from time to time they took our PSP. This meant that we had to fight a lot harder to keep control over the zone. We were sweating in the final moments as they almost managed to clear us. But because we have some experience we managed to hold on to the zone by taking strategic and easy defendable positions. We won this round aswell.
The House of Pain map was quite easy to our surprise, maybe they weren't expecting our tactics on this map. They started closest to the zone, and were quickly installed. In our first attempt to clear them we succeeded and took the zone from them. Once we were installed they weren't able to get us out anymore and we clocked it.
On the House of Pain B map it got a lot harder, this time they were able to get us out of the zone straight away. We managed to clear them, but they were quick to launch a very organised med train which we just couldn't stop, it was because of this that they had the zone in the final minutes of the map and stopped us from getting a 4-0 victory.

A gg CTW, thanks for the great match!

Website CTW
Players Ajuin, WaNNaKiLL, Westside, Achilles, Ice, Oely, KillerBeing & Chinshan
Outcome 3-1 WIN!