DMC vs Delta Force Hungary 05-05-2005
Comment We had a match against DFH tonight. During the Meath Grinder maps, DFH used very uncomon tactics, which clearly ruined our own tactics. Our main problem was that we couldn't get control of the PSP, because they always kept players in the armory which continuesly readed their AT4's. Therefor we needed too many players to try to take over the PSP. We lost the first two maps in the last seconds of the maps. On the 3th map in Eye of the Death we were glad we got clocked in the last minute, so we could forfit the last map and we could go watch the semi-final of AZ on TV.
It was a frustrating match for us, because we didn't have a good answer to their effective but frustrating tactics.
Players N/A
Outcome 0-4 Loss
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