DMC vs Delta Force Hungary 01-23-2006
Comment We had an exeptional match tonight versus Delta Force Hungary. We assumed we would lose this one, as they had won every match so far. And a while back we lost a friendly against DFH in a pretty 'omg we're pwned' kind of way.

We started out on the Dust Devil maps, which is not really our kind of map. So we expected to loose both these round, and perhaps perfrorm nothing short of a miracle on the Meat Grinder maps. But we soon saw ourselfs grabbing psp's and controlling the zone. As it was a 20 minute map, we soon found ourselfs in the final minute. And we actually had the advantage in the zone. So we installed ourselfs all over the zone, and managed to hold on and take the map.
We were really flabbergasted, and needed a moment to actually believe we had won that map. But DFH would soon put both our legs back on the ground, and clocked the second map.
We knew we had good papers to draw or win the match against, what we believed to be, our toughest opponent in the poule. So we put everything in the game, and fought with great determination. This soon payed of in winning the first Meat Grinder, their attacks were, as always, perfectly timed, but we managed to defend our positions and dig in.
Now we really had to go for it. It proved pretty hard to concentrate once again, but we knew what we had to do. Soon we figured out that their main weakness was the psp which was nearest to their spawn point this map. So in the final minutes of the map we concentrated our assault here, so we could defend the zoners more easily. This worked out great for us, and took the final map.

Thanks DFH for the great and close match! We're looking forward to playing you guys in the 2nd match of this league.

Website DFH
Players KillerBeing, Riddick, Sandspider, Westside, Ice, Alcholik & Ajuin
Outcome 3-1 WIN!