DMC vs Delta Force Hungary 26-01-2006
Comment We had our rematch tonight againts Delta Force Hungary. Eventhough we won the previous time, we expected it would be different tonight because we didn't have a large selection of players to choose from like the last time.
When the first map started we noticed DFH was definitely determined to win this time. They had better tactics, they lined up a stronger team and in combination with our weaker selection, we didn't stand a real chance agains them tonight.

On the meat grinder maps we weren't clocked, but that was clearly not their intention. Once in while we even controlled the PSP, but they always kept control of the zone-building and also near the end of the map they were the obviously better team: 0-2.
Also on both Dust-Devil maps we couldn't repeat the surprising win like we did earlier this week. We were clocked on both maps, because we lost the PSP's in the first minute and we couldn't get it back longer than a couple a seconds: 0-4.

GG DFH, sry that we couldn't make it a closer fight tonight ;)
Website DFH
Players KillerBeing, Chinshan, Sandspider, Westside, Ice, Oely & Ajuin
Outcome 4-0 WIN!