DMC vs Dutch Hunter Squad 08-25-2005
Comment We had a nice match vs DHS tonight. In the warm up round we noticed that we were better than them on the Meat Grinder, but unfortunatly this map wasn't map for the match. We started out on the Desertfox maps, which were kind of a bitch to us because only 2 or 3 members actually knew the map. But before the match we had a training and this helped us a lot. The tactics we made for this map seemed to work excellent. The DF A map was ours in the second attempt and we managed to clock it. On the DF B map it got a lot harder because they went for the zone using a med train. Even though we had both the flanks we weren't able to stop them every time and they did manage to clear us every now and then. But we basically controlled the zone for most of the map and won this round aswell.

On the EOTD A we were much stronger, and even though we had problems controlling the roofs we did manage to control zone. This made it possible to clock the map pretty fast. On the EOTD B we had a lot more problems with DHS, somehow they were shooting better, or we were shooting badly. Anyway we had lots of problems to keep them away from the zone, because they were storming us quite effectively we weren't able to clock the map. But at the end of the map we managed to take control of the zone and won it aswell.

The map scores were: 600-18,242-0,600-64,385-0! We finally broke the bad streak we were having :D

GG DHS, thanks for the match!

Website DHS
Players Ludwig, Westside, Ajuin, Desertfox, Ice, Chinshan, KB99 & Achilles/Kneusje
Outcome 4-0 WIN!