DMC vs Desert Rats 11-28-2005

We had a nice friendly match tonight vs Desert Rats. We were looking forward to a lot of fun.

On the first map we were a bit stronger than DR, and we had little problems controlling the psp which was nearer to their spawn than ours. This meant we could defend the zone quite easily. We clocked this round in the first attempt.
On Meat Grinder B, the psp was on our spawn side, and for the first time we played Meat Grinder this side was harder to play vs DR, and we had more problems to control the zone. They managed to clear us every now and then, and this meant it took longer for us to clock the map. But nonetheless we did and won this round aswell.
We were a bit nervous to play Tunnel Trouble. But on A we noticed that our experience on this map was beginning to pay off, and we took the map in our first attempt.
On Tunnel Trouble B we were sure that we had won the match, even though we played Tunnel Trouble. But by using similar tactics as on the first Tunnel Trouble map, we cleared them out, and took the zone. Even though we had a sweat after about 7 minutes of zoning time, we held on to the zone and clocked the last map aswell.

Thanks DR for a very good match :) And thx for being such a great sport! That's becoming more and more unique these days.

Website DR
Players Westside, Achilles, Alcholik, Kneusje, Ice, Desertfox, Ajuin & KillerBeing
Outcome 4-0 WIN!