DMC vs DSA 12-11-2005
Comment Tonight we had a friendly match against DSA, but we had a lot of problem finding enough players for this map. Althought we only had 5 players, but because we didn't want to disappoint the remaining 13 players that did show up for this match, we started the first 3 maps with 5 vs 8. Because of this, we were pretty chanceless and the first 3 maps. The fourth map we played 6 vs 6 in Tunnel Trouble, but we still had a though time because we are pretty inexperienced in this map. The only positive thing was that we weren't clock in Tunnel Trouble B, so at least they had to fight for that one;)

GG DSA, we're looking forward to the rematch!


Website Px2
Players Westside, Killerbeing, Ajuin, Ludwig, Kneusje & Oely(4th map)
Outcome 0-4 LOSS!