DMC vs DTS 28-07-2005
Comment We had an good match vs DTS tonight. On the meath grinder maps we controlled the PSP's and the zone most of the time, but we couldn't close our defense the whole time because of their continues flow of medics speeding to the zone. Because of that suicidal tactic two of our players even broke the 100+ kills barrier the first map, but nevertheless the tactic did cause us not to clock both MG maps. But by shifting up a gear in the last 5 minutes of the map, we never realy were in danger of loosing the maps, On Eye of the Death we controlled the zone much easier. Eventhough they took the PSP's back once in a while, we won both maps on our first attempt.
The map scores were: 255-0,239-0,600-0,600-0!

GG DTS and txs for the match.
Website DTS
Players Oely, Ajuin, Ice, Westside, Blackfox, WaNNaKill & Ludwig
Outcome 4-0 WIN!