DMC vs Fallout Team 06-24-2005
Comment We had a fine match with a weird twist vs FOT today. We started out on the Meat Grinders and basically were the better gunmen, and we were obviously a lot stronger. Their med trains did cause us some difficulties but we managed to control them. However when the HoP maps started the table turned on us. We were no longer any stronger than FOT, and we noticed it because we could no longer control the zone or shoot them down as we used to. We got a bit frustrated and we couldn't figure out what changed so dramatically. This frustration caused us to lose the third map, and the 4th map they were even stronger, and we soon found ourself trying to clear them time after time. We did manage to clear them once, but because of a weakness in our defence they managed to kick us out again. After that we were fighting a losing battle, mainly because one of our players had pc problems and we were playing 5v6,they won the 4th map aswell. The map scores were: 600-0,24-4,7-600,0-600.
Players Oely, Westside, KB99, Ice, Ludwig & Wannakill
Outcome 2-2 Draw