DMC vs Fallout Team 12-27-2005

We had a crap match vs FOT tonight. It wasn't the end result, but the constant childish bitching and general behaviour of FOT. I don't even want to type a report of this match, as it was a big failure. It was meant to be a friendly/fun match, to say the least it wasn't that at all.

On the meat grinders we owned them with little problems, not having too much problems, they were pretty good, but we had little problems with them.
Then the HoP maps started, on the HoP A we were pretty chanceless, and they took that map with relative ease. Then on HoP B we gave 3 7:00 minute zone time away and this costs us the match as they managed to clear us in the final minute. A well organised attack I must admit. Yet even these maps they kept the bitching up.

Thanks, I guess.

Website FOT
Players Alcholik, Achilles, Westside, Ice, LuDwIg, KillerBeing & Ajuin
Outcome 2-2 draw