DMC vs =*HUN*= 10-24-2005
Comment On this special day for us we had a DFH-league match vs HUN. We wanted to win this match at all cost. Also we made a special screenshot from all the members who played this match, because you don't get to play a match on a day like this very often.

We won EOTD A&B quite comfortably, even though on EOTD A they gave us quite an hard time in the final moments. We perservered in the last minute and won the round. On HoP we won round A and that meant we had won the match. On the last round we were messing around a bit and so HUN saw their chance and took it!

A gg HUN, thx for the great match! We hope we'll cya guys around.

And as promised here is the SS of the members who played :D (excluding the 1 who took the SS).


Website 1Unit
Players Achilles, Oely, Ajuin, Wannakill, Alcholik, Ghostkiller(Chinshan), Ludwig & Ice
Outcome 3-1 WIN!