DMC vs HUN 31-10-2005

We won our last match in the DFH league, and this means we are now second in the poule. Unless 7cie wins their last match it means we're gonna go through to the next round.

The match went pretty well, we won the first HoP map, and we were a lot stronger than HUN. They had problems to defend the zone against us, and this meant we could take the zone from them and hold it till the end. On HoP B they started using different tactics and the nades were flying all over the place. We couldn't adapt to this new situation and lost the second round.

The EOTD maps were our maps (we selected them). We knew we had to win both rounds to have a chance to progress into the next round of the DFH league. We fought with great determination, and managed to clear them whenever nescesarry.

And I just found out 7cie lost their match vs Px2, which means we are through to the next round. SO let the beer flow, and this report can wait, or just stay like this :D

GG HUN, better luck next time :)

Website HUN
Players Oely, Achilles, Riddick (Apache), Alcholik, Westside, Chinshan, Ice & Ajuin/KillerBeing
Outcome 3-1 WIN!