DMC vs Ice Cold Assasins 09-14-2005
Comment Well we had another nice fight tonight. There was little challange but still it was fun for about 5 minutes. Then they started bitching and complaining about 1 of our players cheating. We disagreed ofcourse but they persisted so we told our member to park his ass in the zone during the next map. We won the first map without breaking a sweat. On the second map however we suddenly all cheated and one of their members left. So this was even easier for us and we won it aswell.

Then on the third map they only had 5 players left, They asked us to remove 2 of our players to even the odds. We agreed to it but the bitching contineud even though we did everything they asked. We won the third round aswell and on the fourth map they only had 3 players left. And during this map 2 others left and we finished the match with only 1 opponent.

We asked for a re-match with argus to proof that we're legit, after pushing for a while they agreed to it. So we hope we'll plan one soon.

Still a gg ICA, and we hope to play the re-match soon!

Website ICA
Players Achilles, Westside, Apache, Chinshan, Ice, Blackfox & Alcholik
Outcome 4-0 WIN!