DMC vs KaC 06-10-2005
Comment We had a good match vs Kick Ass Clan today. They were very well organised and had good spots, espcecially on the Dust Devil maps. On these maps we lost dramatically, and we weren't able to come up with any tactic which gave us some sort of advantage. These maps were both clocked by KAC in the first attempt. On the meat grinders we had better oppertunities to win some rounds, and at some point during MG A we were even better, but in the closing moments of this round we forgot to defend the psp properly and lost control of it. This made it impossible for us to control the zone any longer, and they took it over. We were able to get the psp back from them, but there wasn't enough time to clear them out of the zone and so they took the third map and won the match. On MG B we tried to win at least one round, but this map their spawn was closest to the psp, and they had a bigger advantage than the previous round. We did steal it a couple of times and took control of the zone, but they still came back every time and managed to clear us. We couldn't control the zone at the end of the map so this one was lost aswell. The map scores were: 1-600,0-600,6-268,2-108!
Players Westside, Oely, Wannakill, KB99, KB11, Ice, Ajuin & Blackdeath
Outcome 0-4 Loss