DMC vs Prueβischer Elite Sonder Trupp 11-18-2005

We had a friendly match vs PEST tonight. We were looking forward to a good match, and that's what it became. Even though the match took it's turns we still managed to gain the upperhand.

On the meat grinder maps we had some problems controlling the zone, but we started with the psp on our side, so we had to try and find some sort of defence and after a short brainstorm we figured that offence would be the best defence and this worked great in our second attempt to claim the map and we clocked it.
Then we knew what we had to do to claim the second round, only this time we didn't have the psp advantage. And when we took the psp we noticed that PEST wasn't able to pull anything of anymore, but when they started using med trains we could no longer hold on to the psp as easily, and they gave us a hard time controlling the zone again. But in the final minutes we took the psp again, and also managed to take this round.
On the Eye of the Deads we were stronger on the ground, but this meant they were having the advantage on the roofs. We had a lot of problems trying to handle this fact, and we couldn't adapt to this situation quick enough. Even though we held the zone for most of the time they managed to clear us in the last minutes and park 5 of their asses in the zone. We managed to get 4 out but the 5th survived.
We decided to focus more on the zone, and try and just keep the roofs under control. This worked out right and we were having a lot less trouble to keep them out of the zone. We clocked the final map and took the match.

GG PEST, cya out there; somewhere :)


Website PEST
Players Westside, KillerBeing, KB11, Ice, Ajuin, Alcholik & Ajuin/Achilles
Outcome 3-1 WIN!