DMC vs Pussy Galore's Flying Circus 17-01-2006
Comment We had our first match in the second round of the DFH tournament. Our first home match was against Pussy Galore's Flying Circus.

On the Eye of the Deads we had a bit of problems getting any controle over the zone, and even our own psp. It was especially hard as we had to fight with one less. This was solved 5 minutes b4 the end of the last map, but it meant that we couldn't play as we had hoped, and had to improvise. The first map went to PG, and with a major chaotic struggle in the closing moments of the second map we managed to tie the score.
On the Desert Fox map, we weren't sure what to expect as our experience on this map is very limited for the majority of our members. But this didn't mean we weren't going to make a fight out of it. On the first map we basically had the advantage spawn and the distance to the spawn was both shorter and safer. Yet in the closing moments of the first map the same chaotic struggle came back, and this time we didn't manage to gain the upper hand and they took the round. To get at least one point out of this match we knew we had to win the final map. At first we couldn't even get out of our spawn, but when we started to figure out how they worked we could addapt to the situation, and managed to get closer and closer to the zone. In the end we were actually controlling them and the zone, and we took map quite easily.

GG PG, we'll cya in the re-match.

Website PG
Players Sandspider, Oely, Riddick, Westside, Ice, Ajuin, Chinshan & Alcholik/KillerBeing
Outcome 2-2 Draw