DMC vs Pussy Galore's Flying Circus 01-27-2006
Comment We lost our match versus the Pussy Galore Flying Circus tonight, and this means we are out of the DFH Euro BHD league. It was a reall shame but we couldn't win under the given conditions.

Even though I don't mean to say that PG wasn't playing great but we were 2 men down in the first map, and we were 1 down in the remaining three maps. This was a difference which we couldn't cope with. Even though we came close to taking 2 maps, we just couldn't hang in there and got cleared in the final seconds of those maps. We fought for what we were worth, but it would prove to be not enough. We lost both Desert Fox maps.
Meat Grinder was our map, but also here we couldn't make a decent stance against PG and they had the psp advantage on A side. We had 1 man left in the zone in the closing moments but a hand grenade on the roof ended our hope of staying in the competition. And on the Meat Grinder B map we were allready beaten and didn't feel like playing anymore. We didn't have a fight left in us and let them walk over us, we got in the zone in the closing moments but couldn't clear all the Pussies.

With a complete team we could have won but nonetheless GG PG, and we wish them and all the other squads in the DFH league good luck in their future matches. May the best squad win!

Website PG
Players Westside, Ajuin, LuDwIg, Ice, KillerBeing, Oely, Chinshan & ...
Outcome 0-4 Loss