DMC vs Prodigys 10-03-2005
Comment Tonight we had a match to remember. We played against the Prodigys, which is an excellent squad which exists of some of the greatest BHD players around. We were quite nervous for this match, but as this was played on an Argus only server we were quite positive nobody'd cheat. In the warm up round it was going allright, but still we knew this wasn't going to say anything for the actuall match as they weren't using any of their spots.

When Eye of the Dead A started we immediatly noticed the difference, as they were using their superior tactics and gunpower to stop us from achieving anything. We did manage to keep pressure on the zone and thus keeping a small window for us to claim the map. But in the end they were better in the zone and took the map, we were allready happy we managed to stop the from clocking it:
On Eye of the Dead B we had to conclude that our current tactics weren't working at all, so we had to change our entire gameplay and decided to concentrate more on the roofs at first and on the zone later. This worked great and we actually came very close to clocking the map, but they managed to clear us with extreme nading when the timer reached 9:45.  But we were stronger in the zone and the roof control was superb, this made it impossible for Pro to get us out in the final moments and we claimed the map:
When the Meat Grinder map started we had the psp close to our spawn and we managed to control it right from the start. They touched it 1 or 2 times during the map but never managed to take it. Our excellent tactics and shooting on this map resulted in a steady control over the zone. Even though they swapped 3 members by now it wasn't going to change the situation and we took the map.
We were allready happy with the score but we wanted to win this thing and make up for our losses against oZ. some time ago. As Pro. exists of a lot of ex-Oz. players we were verey anxious. Even though they also had the experienced and superb players as u.Jea and u.Meteor in the match they weren't able to stop us. We took their psp numerous time and managed to disturb thier game and control the last map right from the first minute. They were trying to change the tide, but we held on and kept the pressure high on the zone and their spawn and they weren't able to break out of it. We managed to take and hold the zone in the final moments and we won the last map aswell which resulted in an unexpected (even for us!) win for DMC!

Awesome game Pro. and we want to take this oppertunity to congratulate all DMC members who participated in this match with this superb victory! 


Website Pro.
Players Westside, Apache, Alcholik, Achilles, Oely, Sandspider, Ice & KillerBeing/Torch
Outcome 3-1 WIN!