DMC vs Px2 20-10-2005
Comment Tonight we had a league match against Px2. We knew it would be a difficult match, because of their great stats, but we were confident to win one or two of the Eye of the Death maps. We played with our best team during this match, which already won against big opponents like Pro, but nevertheless Px2 proove that they were simply better than us. We did have some chances to win atleast 1 of the Eye of the Death maps, but in the end Px2 won these maps square and fair.
The 3th map we played 'Spider web', but because only 3 of our 8 players actually knew this map we were completely chanceless in this map and they clocked the map in their second attempt. Knowing we already lost the match and we didn't have a chance of winning the 4th map, we forfitted the last map: DMC-Px2: 0-4 Loss!

Congrats Px2 and GG!


Website Px2
Players Westside, Ice, Alcholik, Ajuin, AcHilleS, Oely, Apache/KillerBeing
& WaNNaKiLL/Apache
Outcome 0-4 LOSS!