» DMC vs Soldiers of Death 12-12-2005

We had a fun match vs Soldiers of Death tonight. Even though they bitched quite a bit we were still enjoying it and so we went along with it.

On the Meat Grinders we were a lot stronger, and we pretty much pinned them down on both A and B sides and so we won these rounds with relative ease.
Then the House of Pain maps started, we were quite interested if this would change things, in both exitement and bitching. But we were still going strong and won both these maps aswell.

Thanks for the match Soldiers of Death, and I hope we can play that re-match vs your elite members sometime.

Website sł http://s3-hq.host-elite.com/sod/news.php
Players Westside, KillerBeing, Ajuin, Alcholik, Ice & Achilles
Outcome 4-0 WIN!