DMC vs Squad Mythica 09-11-2005
Comment Tonight Squad Mythica challanged us for another match. We agreed to it and decided to play MG and EOTD. On the Meat Grinders we were a lot stronger, and they had to start with only 6 players. We cloced both maps without breaking a sweat.

Then on the EOTD A they had 7 players and we thought it might get a bit more challanging now, but they never stood a chance. We took control of the zone and captured their psp. Now they couldn't get out of their spawn anymore and we guess that made them decide to leave all together, because after the third map they all left. So they forfitted the fourth map giving DMC another 4-0 victory! Otherwise we might have made it a 3-0 victory, but as we busted our asses to scramble 8 players after they challanged us only 3 hours b4 the match, we feel it's only justified we win all 4 maps.

Still a GG SM, and thanks for another nice match! :)

Website SM
Players KillerBeing, Ajuin, Chinshan, Ice, Westside, Achilles, Desertfox & Torch
Outcome 4-0 WIN!