DMC vs Superior Squad Team 09-12-2005
Comment Tonight we had our first match versus SST. We played with a very strong team tonight, which became clear right from the start. During both Meat Grinder maps we held control over the zone and the PSP most of the time and we never really were in danger of losing the maps.

Before the match we agreed that we wouldn't baserape or leftlean during the match. On both Meat Grinder maps this didn't cause any problems, eventhough every now and then we accidently shot some of them in their base from distance. On the first EOTD map we took of both PSP's and the zone from the start. This left our team only 2 roads to defend with 6 man. Shortly after that, they claimed that they were baseraped and saw someone left leaning. Without prior warning, they left immediatly after that.
Anyway, well done DMC and still GG SST!
Website SM
Players KillerBeing, Ajuin, Westside, Ice, Chinshan, Sandspider, Achilles & Torch/Alcholic
Outcome 3-0 WIN!