DMC vs Task Force 20 05-07-2005
Comment We had another great match against TF20 tonight. After playing a TDM match last week against them, this time we had a TKOTH match. Although we won last match relatively easy, this one was really close. The first map was Meath Grinder A, which really could have gone either way. But in the last minute they effectively used a med-train of 4 or 5 men and this way they cleared us out of the zone and won the map. The second map we took our defend positions quickly and this way we just managed to keep them out of the zone for 10 minutes and clocked the map. On Eye of the Death we clearly were the better team and clocked both maps, but we really had to fight very hard to keep them from clearing our last man from time to time. One time they even managed to clear us and hold the zone for about 9 minutes, but with combined efforts we managed to clear them and clocked the map. It really was an exciting match in which we really had to play at our very best to win it.
The map scores were: 4-121,605-2,625-37,612-0!
Players Magician, Cramo, KB99, KB11, KB12, Geronimo, Westside & MoHa
Outcome 3-1 WIN