DMC vs The Forsaken 06-13-2005

We had a bad match vs TF today. We started with one man less on the first HoP map, which was the one where you start at the side which is closest to the zone. Playing a 6v6 match makes this even a bigger problem. It wasn't even his fault, and so we were off to a bad start. The first map was a nightmare for us, as they used every wall, building, roof to lean behind. We don't have a problem with the left lean feature in DF:BHD, but after tonight we understand why some squads prefer to play matches without the left lean allowed. So we lost the first map in about 12 minutes. The second map we thought we were off for some more of the same, but this time we started to actually shoot them and they also died, so we could get into the zone. But at the end we couldn't clear them one last time and they won this round aswell. On the MG things were looking a lot brighter for us, since here we are far more experienced. We were finally getting into the match, and here the map could really go either way, we were more organised and we started to adapt to the situation, the server lagged pretty heavy and some ci's occured, but we expect that the latest argus version was the cause of this. And after this match we have lost all confidence in Argus, as it fucks up more than that it helps. The map was close, but in the end they were better and managed to clear us and take the map. On the fourth map we were determined to at least win one round at all costs, because since the 2nd map we felt we were their equals if not better. So here we gave it one last all out attempt, and we managed to win it. The map scores were: 0-600,58-477,0-57,164-34!

Website TF
Players Oely, Sandspider, Ice, KB99, Ajuin & Westside
Outcome 1-3 Loss