DMC vs Terminal Madmen 09-20-2005
Comment We had a very tough match vs Terminal Madmen tonight. They were very organised and excellent shooters. But we were ready with a very strong and experienced line-up. In the warm up round we could only conclude that this match was going to be very tight.

On the Meat Grinder A map we were controlling the zone, and their attacks on our psp were thwarted by a good defence. This made it possible for us to push forward and keep them at bay, but during this map they got stronger as they adapted to the situation, in the final moments on this map we were very close to getting cleared but we managed to hold on and won this round. On Meat Grinder B it got harder as they had the psp closer to their spawn. But from time to time we managed to steal it and clear them out of the zone. But their counter offensive on the psp proved succesfull most of the time, and this fact meant that the map could go either way, but by stealing the psp one more time in the final minutes we managed to clear them and hold on to the zone till the map ended and we won this map aswell.

On the Eye of the Dead A map we grabbed hold of the zone very quickly and with a good defense we managed to clock this map with relative ease. Even though we almost got cleared at one point. On the Eye of the Dead B map we had the victory in our pocket and since most of our energy and concentration went into the previous maps we weren't playing as organised this round. In the final seconds we almost cleared them but they managed to keep 1 member in the zone and take the map resulting in a 3-1 victory for DMC. The map scores were: 134-0,73-2,600-1,82-188.

A very GG TM3, thanks for the match!

After finishing typing and posting the excellent result we scored tonight against the Terminal Madmen we always check the site of the opponent to see what their thoughts were on the match. It was with much dissapointment that the only thing had to say was that they had a 'different experience', which means DMC, tonight. The 'sorry excuse for BHD clan' (which means TM3 ;) ) didn't even had the descency to list the result because all of a sudden they only list argus matches. Well we have the screens to prove our victory and we welcome an argus-only match anytime, but I guess there is no point because if we'd win again (and I'm not saying we will) you'd come up with another sorry ass excuse to not list it.

Unfortunatly TM3 is not alone in this, other squads have done the same damn thing. We're sick and tired of this shit and therefor we will also only play ARGUS matches to try and stop this madness. Squads like TM3 take all the fucking fun out of this game, be warned if any1 has any matches planned against this 'sorry excuse for a BHD clan'!!!

We felt TM3 was respectable seeing their match results, but now we understand why their history is impressive, fraud is an ugly thing.

Website TM3
Players Achilles, KillerBeing, Westside, Ice, Ajuin, Oely, Kneusje & Alcholik
Outcome 3-1 WIN!