DMC vs Team Muppet 05-29-2005
Comment We had a good fight vs Team Muppet tonight. They were pretty strong, and had some basic tactics. We soon understood how they were playing and we were able to make some counter-tactics. On the Meat Grinder maps we some problems controlling the zone, but the psp was ours most of the time. Especially on the B map at the end we couldn't control it properly and had some problems, but we took it in the closing moments of the match, and so we were able to control the zone and win the map. On the Dust Devils we were pretty nervous because we rarely play this map. We did practice it so we did know some spots and tactical positions. On the A map they made it hard for us to control both psp's but we managed to get them nonetheless. When we got them it was a bitter fight to keep them but we succeeded in holding them, and clocked the map. On the B map they were broken and we were able to clock this map without a sweat. The map scores were: 600-0,78-0,600-0,600-0!
Website TM
Players Oely, Sammy, Ice, Chinshan/KB13, KB99, Cramo, Ajuin & Westside
Outcome 4-0 WIN