DMC vs Team Squad France 12-01-2005
Comment We had a tough and fun match vs Team Squad France. We started out on the Meat Grinders and after only a couple of minutes we knew we were in for a hard fight.

In the warm-up round we could conclude that we had the edge, but no more than that. When MG A started however we noticed that they were pretty damn good in using their m203 nade launchers, this startled us for a bit. We really had to adapt to this constant barrage of frags pounding our psp and spawn. We did manage to break out of it and take controle of the situation, gradually during the first map we managed to get the situation under controle. This eventually made it possible for us to clock the first map with some good defences and by headshots we managed to thward their medtrain attempt on the zone.
On MG B it started out the same as before, but this time the psp was closest to their spawn, and this meant we couldn't controle the zone like we did on A. We couldn't clock this map and we knew we had to fight this one out down to the last minute. We managed to controle the PSP most of the time, we were however quite unfortunate to loose that controle in the last minute of the map. This meant they could nade us out of the zone and storm it with an effective med-train. We managed to hold on to it up to the last 30 seconds, but then we lost it. The distance from our spawn to the zone was to far to make any reall attempt on the zone.
We knew what we had to do on the last 2 EOTD maps, win! This time their nade barrage didn't come as a suprise, and by taking tactical (hard to nade) positions we managed to take controle of the map right from the start. We held on to it with relative ease up to 9:30, but then they managed to kick us out on by one in a great offensive on the zone. Our last man standing managed to stop the last attackers from clearing him, which made us win the map.
We were eager to finish this excellent match with a victory. On Eye of the Dead B we were swift to take controle of the zone, they seemd to try some different tactics against us but to no avail. We took our positions in and around the zone, and by covering most of the angles most of the time they couldn't break through and make any real serious attempts on taking the zone. The zoners had little problems controlling the zone, it came to 1 or 2 sweats but we persevered and won!

GG TSF, thanks for a real good & close match. We hope we can plan a re-match sometime!

Website TSF
Players KillerBeing, Riddick, Ajuin, Ice, Westside, Chinshan & KB11/Alcholik
Outcome 3-1 WIN!