DMC vs The Smurfs 22-01-2006

Tonight we had our rematch against The Smurfs. The first match against them we had a no-baserape-rule, which turned out into a lot of discussion and whining during the match.
So this time they agreed to play without this rule and that we both wouldn't whine anymore on team talk.
During the match both teams kept theirselfs to this rule, so this made the match a lot more pleasant, than the previous one.

During the first map we immediatly noticed that this time it wouldn't be an easy walk-over for DMC, because they gave good resistance against our tactics. This made it impossible for us the clock any of the EOTD maps, so we started to focus more on winning the maps than clocking them.
By taking the PSP's at the right time and park our ass in the zone during the last two minutes we were able to grap hold of the first two maps.
On the first Meath Grinder map things got a little bit easier for us, because we able to get hold of their PSP most of the time, so they could't clear us that easily anymore. Still we weren't able to clock the map, but still the map was won with relatively less effort.
On the final map, their resistance had clearly broken because the match was already won by us. So we managed to clock this map in our first attempts.


Website TS
Players Westside, Alcholik, Ludwig, Ice, Ajuin, Kneusje & KB11
Outcome 4-0 WIN!