DMC vs The Territorials 12-22-2005

We had a tough match vs The Territorials tonight. We played 20 minute maps, and eventhough we didn't expect it, it was quite different. The close final minute struggles came sooner, and this caught us off guard in the first map.

On the Meat Grinder A map we were having problems with their timed attacks on the zone and psp. This made it hard for us to hold a steady defensive line in front of the psp. It was pretty close, and when they managed to grab the PSP we were in serious trouble. We did manage to take it back every time, but by that time our defence would have been destroyed. We couldn't control this map as we had planned, and because of the shorter time limit of the maps, we were too late to notice that the map was almost over. We tried to hang on to the zone, but they cleared us out and took the zone. One of our players was also experiencing some pc problems and these factors made us loose the first map.
On Meat Grinder B we were determined to do better. But TT would proof one tough cookie to crack! We were trying to storm the zone, but their defensive lines proved lethal. We had to knock these out first, and then try and capture the zone and if possible the PSP. We grabbed it a couple of times, but we never managed to get any reall control over it. So it would come down to some chaos and luck in the zone during the final minute. We parked our asses in the zone and even though they managed to clear a couple of our guys, we held on to the zone and took the map.
The Eye of the Dead maps went a lot better. We noticed that they weren't as effective here as they were on the previous map. We were able to control the zone better, and even make succesfull attacks on their psp, which kept them busy enough to set up some proper defences. Even though we failed to clock the map on the Eye of the Dead A, we still won pretty convincingly.
On the last map we still had some problems controlling TT, but now our defences were all set up and we knew the way they worked. We had little problems holding on to the zone on this map, and we clocked it.

Thanks TT for the great match! We would welcome a re-match anytime.

Website TT
Players Oely, Achilles, Ryu, Alcholik, Ice, LuDwIg, Ajuin & KillerBeing
Outcome 3-1 WIN!