DMC vs UK-Combat Elite 06-05-2005
Comment We had a good battle vs UK-Combat Elite tonight. They were pretty organised but on the first map we had little problems handling them. They told us they were getting ci's and so we decided to play the remaining three maps on their server. We won the first round on our server and then joined theirs. It got a bit harder then, but still we were dominant in the zone. During the EOTD B map they got hold of our psp a couple of times which was pretty annoying, at the end of this map they managed to clear us. But with a great team effort we got the zone back and won this round aswell. The HOP maps were clocked pretty comfortably, only once did we break some sweat when they got their timer up to 8 minutes. But with an organised timed attack we cleared them and controlled the zone for 10 mins. The last map was done in 10 minutes and we won that aswell. The map scores were: 600-0,16-11,600-0,600-0!
Website UK-CE
Players Oely, Sandspider, Ice, Westside, KB99, KB13/Ajuin, Wannakill & Undertaker
Outcome 4-0 WIN