DMC vs White Ghosts of Sweden 12-13-2005

Tonight we had a nice match vs White Ghosts of Sweden. They were pretty good, and we were in for a bit of a struggle.

On Meat Grinder A, we had the psp advantage, and after a bit of fighting over it, WGS decided to leave it be and concentrate on the zone. We had our defences ready for that and so we had the upper-hand and clocked the first map.
Meat Grinder B got a lot harder as they had the psp advantage this time. We tried to take it and control it but it was only untill deep into this round when we finally managed to get the psp and pin them down. Only when we achieved this we could win the map.
The Dust Devil maps were the big question mark for us, because we aren't as experienced in these maps as we are in the Meat Grinders we were wondering if we were going to have a lot of problems here. But we quickly found that they were quite easy to hold back when both psp's were well defended. On both A and B maps we had little problems and won the match.

GG WGS thx for the fun! And we hope we can play a re-match sometime.

Website WGS
Players Westside, Achilles, Alcholik, Ice, Ajuin, KillerBeing, Chinshan & KB13
Outcome 4-0 WIN!