DMC vs XF 08-02-2006
Comment Tonight we had our very first 'Razorball' match. It took a while before we could start with a reduced number of player on each team (5), but it was well worth the wait.
On the first map XF was still a man short and this made it easier for us to gain the advantage, so we won the first map relatively easy with 5-0.
On the second map the teams luckely got even, causing the match to get closer and closer during the second map. However we still managed to win this map with 5-0 as well, because we had managed to get a early lead.
On the 3th map they difference in strength between both teams was hardly there anymore, because XF was rapidly getting better in this kniving game. With a lot of trouble we managed to score twice that map and also we managed to keep them away from our own base and prevented them from scoring.
On the 4th map it really could have gone both ways, but luckily we got to score once that map, which gave us the lead. After that, XF managed to get to our base within arms length twice, but with a little luck we managed to kill the flag carriers with just inches to spare. So we won the last nerve breaking map with 1-0.

Thanks for the great fun match XF!
Website DFH
Players KillerBeing, Alcholic, Westside, Ice & Ajuin
Outcome 4-0 WIN!