DMC vs young Thugs 08-07-2005
Comment We had tough match against young Thugs tonight. As we had allready expected we were facing excellent shooters and experienced fighters. However the match went better than we had enticipated. We still felt the odds were in their favour but we were also confident in our own abilities. During 3 of the 4 maps we still had chances (some bigger than others) to claim a map. Only on the 4th we and yT were basically messing around a bit and yT won this map with bigger figures than the previous 3. The only flaw on this match would be that yT had to use 3 mercs, of which 2 from TL. But it was a friendly match and we enjoyed it, as far as possible that is. The superiority in shooting and experience is what made us loose this match. All in all a good match in which we had the chance to try some new tactics and players against a tough opponent. It was a good learning experience and sometimes the flaws in our game became painfully clear to us. We hope we can use this experience to aid us in the important competition matches.

Thanks yT for a good match, GG!

Website yT
Players Westside, Apache, WaNNaKiLL, Ice, Oely, ZoDiAc/Ajuin, KB99, Chinshan
Outcome 0-4 Loss