DMC vs Underworld Preachers 10-03-2005
Comment Tonight we had friendly match against the Underworld Preachers. We had a hard time to get 8 men for this match, but luckily after a small delay we could start the match with 8 vs 8 anyway. On the first map (House of Pain A), they had the zone advantage and didn't gave it away for the next 10 minutes, because we were really strugling to clear their defenses. So they clocked it: 0-1.
The second map we had the zone advantage and stayed in the zone for about 6 minutes. Nevertheless we were cleared by an excellent front attack with nades and headshots. We did manage to take the zone back again, but lost it in a similar way. Our final effort to claim the map just came a few seconds late, cause we didn't have time to find their last zoner: 0-2.
On the Eye of the Death maps we were confident we would perform better, because we knew that map much better. However we under estimated their excellent roof skills on this maps, which caused us to lose control over the zone. Eventhough uP couldn't clock the maps, uP was the obvious better team on this map and claimed the victory: 0-4.

Congrats uP and GG, we're looking forward to a rematch!


Website uP
Players Westside, Kneusje, Oely, Chinshan, L.O.D-2, Ajuin, Sandspider & Ludwig
Outcome 0-4 LOSS!