DMC has as of now some base rules concerning behaviour towards the other members and other squads/players, during matching and on teamspeak. We put them here for people who might want to join and also for everyone to see that we do NOT approve of certain things!

Warning, Council discussion, Kicked!
We have brought to live a simple system, when you fail to hold yourself to the rules as described below you will get one official warning to start. Do it again and you will be discussed by the council, and the conclusion of that discussion can be to kick you out of DMC!

- Do NOT glitch!
- Do NOT cheat!
- Do NOT start calling other people names, or get into a fight (NOT EVEN when provoked!)
- If you do have a fight, sort it outside df:bhd on the DMC teamspeak or on msn or via e-mail!
- Do NOT make lag bombs!
- Anybody caught doing ANY of these will get an official warning!

- The minimal age to be recruited into DMC is 18+. If you're younger you can apply for membership, and the   council will see wether we can give you a chance or not! (15 or younger is a no-go by default!)
- You might to do a try-out before joining!
- Accept these rules as they are or just don't bother to join.
- You will have to be fluent in the Dutch language to join DMC.
- We expect active (on both df:bhd and TS) members, so if you're online 1ce a month don't bother to apply.
- We don't want members who only snipe. You can snipe from time to time but we're NOT a sniper squad!
- You will have to pass a 2 week trial before becoming a full member.
- You MUST have MSN and Teamspeak installed on your computer and be on them frequently!

-  Behave on teamspeak, everybody knows how you should behave in a group so hold yourself to it. There is no difference with teamspeak! You still have to deal with peoples feelings so just behave normal!
- Do NOT call any fellow members names (unless when you're just kidding example: Hey Dirty you little bitch!) or start getting into a fight with them, if you have a problem you can go to any squadleader and he will sort it with you.
- Don't use any swearing or curse words which can hurt peoplesfeelings (such as Kankerlijer!) people can have relatives or friends who have to deal with that every day!
- Don't whistle or deliberatly annoy people on teamspeak!
- Teamspeak is moderated by the council, if you want something changed on teamspeak please contact some1 from the council and we'll discuss the possibilities.
- Don't mute other players, this is highly annoying, if you don't want to hear someone just leave the channel or teamspeak.
- If somebody asks you to stop doing something, just STOP doing it!
- Failing to hold yourself to these (what we feel normal) rules you will get an official warning!

For further rules please go to the forum, you can find any rules or further information there! If you have any questions you can ask any of the council members.

Finally I would like to add that we have opend a complaint/suggestion topic on the forum. PLEASE USE THIS FEATURE if you have ANY problems or are unhappy about ANYTHING. Trust us, WE WANT TO KNOW these things.

The DMC-Staff